Athletic Hall of Fame

The Framingham State University Athletic Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame committee was established in 1991 by former Athletic Director Larry Boyd.  The Hall of Fame was established to honor former student-athletes, faculty and staff, coaches and friends who have made outstanding contributions to Framingham State athletics.

Nominations for the Framingham State Athletic Hall of Fame are always welcome and may be submitted online by clicking here.


Hall of Fame Inductees by Class


2018 Class  
Kevin J. Gosnell* '91 Football
Jennifer C. Volo '06 Soccer
1967-68 Men's Basketball Team  
2011 Class  
Susan Blinstrub Sullivan '75 Basketball, Softball
Kristina Kern '03 Soccer, Softball, Basketball
William Lindsey Baseball
Tom Reusch '88 Football
Valarie Trufant '78 Tennis
Mark Van Valkenberg Basketball
Helder Videira '76 Soccer
Lori Winters Hunt '88 Softball, Basketball
2008 Class  
Nicole Abbott '01 Soccer
Ronald Alves* Coach - Men's Soccer 
Janice Coppolino '03  Basketball, Volleyball 
Richard Cugini '73  Athlete, Coach, Administrator
Robert Donovan '87 Football
Elder Fonseca '77  Football, Soccer 
Jeanmarie Lagos-Patriacca '87  Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball 
David Spencer '76  Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey 
2006 Class   
Larry Boyd  Administrator 
James Brochu  Ice Hockey, Friend of Athletics 
Robert Cusick* '84  Football, Ice Hockey 
Kathy Fay '74  Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball, Volleyball 
Margaret (Brodeur) Guardiani '77  Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball 
James Marchant '82 Baseball, Football
Maureen (McPhee) McKinnon '85 Basketball, Soccer, Softball
Rodd A. Patten '94 Football
2003 Class   
John Calder* '84  Football 
Kelli E. Dewar  Soccer 
Scott E. Faessler  Baseball, Football 
Lisa K. Halleran  Basketball, Softball 
Bill Irwin  Administrator 
Susan J. Joyce   
Lenny Megliola  Friend of Athletics 
James Poh  Football